Should I Rekey or Replace My Lock?

“Is it cheaper to rekey or to replace a lock?” We get this question several times a day, here’s our take!
  • Rekeying a lock involves changing the lock’s internal pins and tumblers so that it can only be opened with a new key. This can be a good option if you want to keep the same lock but prevent someone who has a copy of the old key from gaining access. This is a must-do if you’re moving into a new home. Rekeying is typically less expensive than replacing a lock, and it can be done relatively quickly by any one of our qualified locksmiths.
  • Replacing a lock involves removing the entire lock system and installing a new one. This is typically necessary if the lock is damaged or outdated and needs to be upgraded for security reasons. If you’re concerned about the overall security of your home or business, replacing the lock may be the better choice, especially if the existing lock is old, damaged, out of style, or easily bypassed.
In general, if you’re happy with the current lock and just want to change the key, rekeying is probably the way to go. If you’re concerned about the security of the lock or want to upgrade to a more stylish and secure option, replacing the lock may be the better choice. It’s always a good idea to consult with a trusted locksmith to determine the best course of action for your specific situation.

Your Sliding Glass Door Lock is Totally Useless

Sliding Door Lock UselessOne of the Florida construction industry’s best kept secrets is that the locking mechanism they put on your sliding glass door is utterly useless. You know the one, it’s the same cheap, factory-installed lock that’s on 99% of sliding doors in Collier County. These pathetic locks are so easy to get into, I shudder at even calling them locks! When a friend, client, or family member buys a new house, this is the first thing I recommend upgrading to increase their home’s security. With a crime wave last year that hit a high-end gated community in Naples, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office discovered that the criminals had been breeching locked sliding glass doors, burglarizing homes, and terrorizing homeowners.  Read More »

Locksmith Sticker Warning

 Is there a little sticker like this on your door? If you’re not sure, please go check. Some of these stickers are being used by sham locksmith companies in Naples, placed by lowly locksmith scammers who use bait-and-switch pricing to dupe customers into paying $300-700 for a service that might cost less than $100 from a legitimate locksmith. Today, other reasons authorities are now warning about are much more frightening… These seemingly harmless stickers have now been linked to the work of organized criminal gangs across the United Kingdom and the trend seems to be picking up steam in the U.S. as more of these stickers are popping up on doors at homes and businesses in Naples, Estero, and Bonita. If I haven’t convinced you to march outside and peel that sticker off your door yet, keep reading to learn more.

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What You Need to Know About Keypad Locks

Electronic LocksThere’s no denying that keyless locks are the future of home security. While the world transitions to electronic locks, today’s manufacturers have merged electronic and mechanical locks to meet the needs for security and convenience demanded by today’s homeowners. Before you buy, learn what to look for in a keypad lock and a bit about the benefits and pitfalls of this emerging technology.

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Home Squatters Still a Problem for Seasonal Naples Residents

a-locksmith-showroom-5The trend of house squatting is still a problem in southwest Florida, with two Naples squatters behind bars this summer after brazenly entering and living in the vacation homes of seasonal residents. One woman made herself at home, prying through an unsecured garage window and proceeding through an unlocked door between the garage and the home. The woman didn’t just break in to steal a few items, she began living in the home, driving the owner’s vehicle and trashing the house with cigarettes, dirty clothes, and wine glasses strewn about. Another woman broke into an East Naples home and lived there for a week before she was discovered. Like many Naples homeowners, these owners had been out of state for months and now the homeowners are left to pick up the pieces.

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How Locksmiths Secure Their Homes

"A" Locksmith Full Service LocksmithWith so many security products on the market, did you ever wonder what an actual security expert does to make sure their family sleeps safe at night? Here’s the four secrets locksmiths and other security insiders like me use to effectively (and inexpensively) secure their homes for worry-free living. I’m going to share with you the steps we took to secure our family’s home so you can sleep safer too! Click the links in this article for more details about each topic.

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Profile of a Burglar

French Door BurglarEvery 14.6 seconds, a burglary takes place in the United States. Apart from the sometimes devastating financial effects, a home invasion or burglary can leave you feeling helpless, emotional, or scared. I was the victim of two burglaries and one home invasion as a child in southwest Florida and I only wish my parents had the tools, knowledge, and technology to secure our family’s home that is available today. Thankfully, the chance of being victimized by a truly professional thief is low in the average American neighborhood, but those odds can go up dramatically in high-income areas where the rewards of precious jewelry, fine art, gold, or other valuables are more enticing. No matter where you live the stakes are high and protecting your loved ones and property from a burglar is absolutely paramount.

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Garage Door Do’s & Don’ts

Garage Door Security TipsGarage doors offer a convenient way to enter and leave your home, both for homeowners and for criminals. In the police department, I often received calls from terrified homeowners who had come home to find a stranger in their garage, drove up to their house just to find their garage door open, and even a homeowner who had successfully trapped an invader in his garage. Here’s our garage door security tips so this doesn’t happen to you! Take a few moments to properly secure your home by implementing these simple, affordable garage safety tips from the owner of “A” Locksmith, a former police officer who’s seen it all.

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Where Should I Install My Safe?

Safe Moving Naples

“A” Locksmith – Professional Safe Installation

Deciding where to install your home safe isn’t always an easy decision to make. You must compromise on several different fronts based on convenience, security, and protection from threats. On one hand you want your jewelry, documents, and home defense weapons close at hand, but on the other hand you want to make sure your valuables are as protected from danger as possible. We’ll explore the best places to install your safe based on the three biggest threats: burglary, fire, and flood. Then you can decide what makes the most sense for your home and needs. We’ll also tell you the worst place to install your safe.

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