Where Should I Install My Safe?

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Choosing the Optimal Location for Your Home Safe: Balancing Security and Convenience

Deciding where to install your home safe can make or break the performance of  your safe. It involves striking a delicate balance between convenience, security, and asset protection. On one hand, you want quick access to your jewelry, documents, and home defense weapons. On the other hand, safeguarding your valuables from threats—such as burglary, fire, and flood—is paramount. Read More »

Your Sliding Glass Door Lock is Totally Useless

White Double Bolt Lock Securing Sliding Glass DoorUnlocking the Truth About Sliding Glass Door Security

As a seasoned professional in the Florida security industry, I feel compelled to reveal a well-kept secret: the locking mechanisms on most sliding glass doors are shockingly inadequate. These factory-installed locks, found on 99% of sliding doors in Collier County, offer minimal protection from unskilled burglary attacks. Frankly, they’re hardly worthy of being called “locks.” Read More »

Locksmith Sticker Warning

 Is there a little sticker like this on your door? If you’re not sure, please go check. Some of these stickers are being used by sham locksmith companies in Naples, placed by lowly locksmith scammers who use bait-and-switch pricing to dupe customers into paying $300-700 for a service that might cost less than $100 from a legitimate locksmith. Today, other reasons authorities are now warning about are much more frightening… These seemingly harmless stickers have now been linked to the work of organized criminal gangs across the United Kingdom and the trend seems to be picking up steam in the U.S. as more of these stickers are popping up on doors at homes and businesses in Naples, Estero, and Bonita. If I haven’t convinced you to march outside and peel that sticker off your door yet, keep reading to learn more.

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What You Need to Know About Keypad Locks

Electronic LocksThere’s no denying that keyless locks are the future of home security. While the world transitions to electronic locks, today’s manufacturers have merged electronic and mechanical locks to meet the needs for security and convenience demanded by today’s homeowners. Before you buy, learn what to look for in a keypad lock and a bit about the benefits and pitfalls of this emerging technology.

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Home Squatters Still a Problem for Seasonal Naples Residents

a-locksmith-showroom-5The trend of house squatting is still a problem in southwest Florida, with two Naples squatters behind bars this summer after brazenly entering and living in the vacation homes of seasonal residents. One woman made herself at home, prying through an unsecured garage window and proceeding through an unlocked door between the garage and the home. The woman didn’t just break in to steal a few items, she began living in the home, driving the owner’s vehicle and trashing the house with cigarettes, dirty clothes, and wine glasses strewn about. Another woman broke into an East Naples home and lived there for a week before she was discovered. Like many Naples homeowners, these owners had been out of state for months and now the homeowners are left to pick up the pieces.

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