Beach Security Tips

Aquafina Water Bottle Diversion Safe

Don’t let theft of your phone, cash, or keys spoil your fun in the sun! Follow our unique beach security tips to protect your valuables and help you have a worry-free trip to the beach.

Travel Light
The best way to not have your things stolen is not to bring them. Bring only what you need. If you won’t need your cell phone or wallet, leave them at home. Like most of us, being away from a phone or wallet for too long is just not possible, in this case, consider a diversion safe!

Create a Diversion
A properly made diversion safe can conceal your valuables in plain sight by disguising them as something else. We have several diversion safes at our shop in Naples, Florida that are perfect for the beach including a really great Aquafina water bottle diversion safe (with real water!) and lockable book diversion safes for those beach readers out there. The water bottle is big enough to stash your ID, credit cards, cash, watch, and your keys. The books can hold much more including a smartphone and a wallet. Feeling creative? You can even make a diversion safe yourself.  A DIY diversion safe can be made from anything from an empty bottle of sunscreen, deodorant, or a can of soda. Check YouTube for tons of tutorials on DIY diversion safes.

Keep it Close
Thought bringing your electronics into the ocean was impossible? Today’s technology has finally caught up with the needs of beach-goers. Protect your electronics with a waterproof case or wallet that you can bring into the water carry with you.  A lot of us locals like cases from LifeProof that keep your phone dry and fully operational in the ocean and sand free while tanning. Some of the cases come with armbands so you are truly hands-free for swimming and even allow you to listen to your headphones under water! Just be sure to test the case without your phone first to make sure the seal is tight.

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