7 Things That Won’t Happen When You Switch to Mul-T-Lock

Locksmith Products - High Security KeysTraditional lock hardware can be picked in mere seconds with a few simple tools found on the internet. YouTube videos teach criminals how to gain access into homes and businesses through traditional locks with ease. High security Mul-T-Lock cylinders can greatly increase the effectiveness of your existing door hardware, offering the best resistance to bumping, picking, and forced entry techniques. “A” Locksmith can simply switch out your traditional lock’s cylinder with a Mul-T-Lock cylinder. This is a cost effective solution that is a critical first line of defense against burglars and home invaders. Here’s what you won’t have to worry about if you make the switch.

  1. You won’t lose sleep at night wondering if your lock will be picked or bumped.
    Mul-T-Lock cylinders and deadbolts offer the best protection on the market. They are forged with strong materials including hardened steel and use patented technology to offer the best resistance to attempts of picking, drilling, and prying. Sleep soundly knowing no one is coming in that door without a key!
  1. Your deadbolt won’t be easily defeated.
    Traditional locks are easily defeated, some can even be bypassed with just a screwdriver or even a credit card. The Mul-T-Lock Hercular deadbolt is simply the best deadbolt on the market today, having matched or exceeded the toughest industry tests. What makes a Mul-T-Lock deadbolt really unique is the two interlocking ball bearings which increase jimmying resistance. These deadbolts are available in a variety of formats including single, double, and captive key designs.
  2. You won’t have to wonder just how many keys of yours are out there.
    With a traditional key, anyone who gets a hold of your key can make a copy of it, no questions asked. Only authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers can create Mul-T-Lock keys and your key can only be made if you present your official Key Order Card. If someone gets a hold of your key and tries to make a copy without the card, they will be refused.
  1. You won’t have to switch all your decorative door hardware.
    Want the fashion of your designer door hardware, but the peace of mind of a high security lock? We’ve got the solution for you! Mul-T-Lock’s high security cylinders are designed to work with the top manufacturer’s locksets including Schlage, Weiser, Baldwin, Emtek, and many more. “A” Locksmith can just replace your existing traditional cylinder (the round part where the key goes in) with a Mul-T-Lock high security cylinder giving you the best in both fashion and security!
  1. Someone with a key-copying app won’t be able to copy your key from just their smartphone or a photo.
    Some unscrupulous companies will make a copy of a traditional key from just a photo. Unlike traditional keys, someone simply taking a photo of your key will not be able to get a copy of that key. Mul-T-Lock keys cannot be made without the Key Order Card and may only be made by authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers.
  1. You won’t have to lug a bunch of keys around in your pocket/purse all day.
    The options for keying your Mul-T-Lock cylinder system are endless (master keying, keyed different, or keyed alike), but for the ultimate in simplicity we can key all of your locks (except your car) to open with just one key including doors, cabinets, drawers, vending machines, padlocks, and other security applications.

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  1. Burglars won’t be able to unlock your door from the inside after breaking your door’s glass. With the Hercular Captive Deadbolt, you can combine the security of double sided locking deadbolt, with the ease of exiting with a regular thumbturn latch. When you leave home, you can insert your key into the thumbturn latch and literally take the thumbturn with you when you leave. Removing this piece creates a double-cylinder deadbolt, meaning to get in or out through the door, you will need the key. While you are home, you can leave it as a double-cylinder deadbolt, or convert it to a thumbturn latch by simply replacing the thumbturn with your key. This way you can have easy unrestricted access to the outside in case of a fire or other emergency.

Ready to upgrade your security so you can enjoy “what won’t happen” if you switch to Mul-T-Lock? Give us a call today and sleep safer tonight!