How Locksmiths Secure Their Homes

"A" Locksmith Full Service LocksmithWith so many security products on the market, did you ever wonder what an actual security expert does to make sure their family sleeps safe at night? Here’s the four secrets locksmiths and other security insiders like me use to effectively (and inexpensively) secure their homes for worry-free living. I’m going to share with you the steps we took to secure our family’s home so you can sleep safer too! Click the links in this article for more details about each topic.

  1. I rekeyed the locks
    I will never forget as a child when we had a strange drunk man unlock and then stumble through our front door. Lucky for us, it turned out that man used to live in our home and in a stupor he had forgotten he no longer lived there… he also had a copy of the key to our home! With our most recent move, we had no idea how many keys were out there for our home so we immediately rekeyed the locks before moving in. Now we sleep soundly knowing that no previous homeowners, renters, or crazy ex-boyfriends have a key to our home. If you live in a rental, make sure to ask your landlord first, if you just ask often they won’t mind rekeying the locks for you to make sure you are safe in their property.
  2. I installed high security door hardware
    A little while after we were settled into our new home, we upgraded the cylinders of our door hardware to Mul-T-Lock. The gold-standard in security, these locks are bump-proof, pick-proof, and the keys are copy-proof unless you have proper identification and visit a real locksmith shop. Since Mul-T-Lock cylinders can be put into almost any door hardware, this was an affordable, yet highly secure solution. If anyone wants a key to our family’s house, they can’t just go to a hardware store to have the key copied, they have to ask me to have it made!
  3. I installed an American-made burglary and fire rated safe
    Knowing my most precious valuables including important documents, family photos, and the backup to my computer’s hard drive are safe and sound brings enormous peace of mind. In a UL listed burglary and fire rated safe I know that my valuables are secure for 1 hour worth of fire (plenty of time for the fire department to arrive and control a blaze) and from burglary attempts. For our family’s needs our Mid-Sized Burglary/Fire safe was perfect. Bonus Tip – Since our safe is bolted down from the inside, it can’t be carted out on a dolly by a thief!
  4. I locked up my sliders
    As a security professional who is often called to secure sliding glass doors after a burglary, I know that one of the weakest points of a home is the standard sliding door lock. Since a favorite point of entry for criminals are sliding glass doors, we made sure to secure them with a smart, affordable solution. The solution to this problem is a simple double-bolt lock which is surprisingly inexpensive, yet highly effective at preventing the sliding glass door locks. You can install these yourself, or give us a call for expert service.

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