What is the difference between a smart lock and an electronic lock?

A smart lock is a type of electronic lock that can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app or other network-connected devices, such as a smart home hub or virtual assistant. A smart lock typically uses wireless communication technologies such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect to the internet and to other smart devices.

In addition to remote control, a smart lock often has additional features such as keyless entry, biometric authentication, and activity monitoring. Some smart locks may also integrate with other smart home devices such as security cameras or alarm systems.

On the other hand, an electronic lock is any lock that uses an electronic mechanism instead of a mechanical one to operate. Electronic locks may use push-button keypads, swipe cards, or other methods of input to activate the locking mechanism. Electronic locks do not necessarily have the advanced features and connectivity of a smart lock. You can use a code to get in, but you’ll be missing out on the activity monitoring, remote locking and unlocking, and other web-based advantages.

In summary, a smart lock is a type of electronic lock that has additional features such as remote control and integration with other smart home devices, while an electronic lock simply uses an electronic mechanism to operate. If you have any more questions about the types of locks, please stop by our showroom or give us a call. We’re dedicated to helping you feel secure in your home whether you decide an electronic lock, a smart lock, or a standard deadbolt lock is right for you.