Electronic Lockboxes

With their easy operation and lightweight construction, our Guest & Hotel lockboxes are a great option to secure a few items. Available in a variety of sizes, these safes adequately secure laptop computers, cameras, jewelry and other valuables in the most user-friendly safe made. We carry two types of these safes, one designed for guests and hotels, and another line designed for home use.

Safe Specs & Sizes

Mini Lockbox
Exterior Dimensions7.875 x 13 x 7.75
Interior Dimensions7.6875 x 12.8125 x 5.5
Weight16 lbs
Mid-Sized Lockbox
Exterior Dimensions9 x 16.875 x 14.125
Interior Dimensions8.8125 x 16.6875 x 12
Weight30 lbs
Small Lockbox
Exterior Dimensions9.75 x 14.125 x 9.75
Interior Dimensions9.5625 x 13.9375 x 7.75
Weight22 lbs
Large Lockbox
Exterior Dimensions18.875 x 13.375 x 12
Interior Dimensions18.6875 x 13.1875 x 10
Weight45 lbs


  • Electronic touchscreen or keypad lock
  • Key-lock override system
  • 4 digit combination or credit card lock
  • 14 gauge solid steel
  • Can be bolted to floor or wall
  • 1 year warranty