Liberty Safes
  • Made in America
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Up to 2 hours fire protection
  • Gun safes from $599 to $7,000
  • Handgun vaults from just $29
  • Flexible interiors for storage
  • Can be bolted down
  • Attractive finishes and features
  • Lights, organizers, and drawers
  • Electronic or combination lock
  • SafElert alarm for your safe

Want to see more Liberty Safe videos? Check out our video page with behind the scenes factory footage, safe torture tests, expert testimonials and more!

Why Choose a Liberty Safe

Liberty Safes present an excellent value for customers looking for a quality gun safe. Made in America with a lifetime warranty, Liberty Safes provide superior protection from burglary attacks, fire, and other hazards. Liberty Safe puts its safes through brutal torture tests to ensure they will perform even in the toughest conditions. These safes have famously survived explosions, tornadoes, wildfires, and hours of attempted break-ins from burglars. We are the only Liberty Safe dealer in Collier County and have four Certified Safe Specialists on staff to help you decide which safe is best for you. If you'd rather shop online, visit our Liberty Safe online store to see our full line-up and detailed pricing information.

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