Don’t Lose the Keepsakes You Love

Cecelia Krause copy In the aftermath of a fire, burglary, or tragic event, it is often the little things we miss the most. The electronics, clothes, and housewares can be covered by insurance and eventually replaced, but some items are very much beyond irreplaceable.

Devastation and guilt can’t even describe how bad I would feel if we were to lose the objects that were entrusted to me by my family. My great-great grandmother’s wedding hat… a dear friend’s string of pearls from when she was a baby… my ancestors’  weary faces printed on 19th century tin-types… and even rationed photographic proofs and love letters from my great grandfather, an admiral and war hero who served his country for decades. These tokens are part of our family history and deserve to be protected for the next generation so that our stories aren’t lost over time. To strangers, these items might be worthless trinkets of a bygone era, but to our family, they are the most precious, dearest things we own.

Sadly, prized family heirlooms are often consumed by fire, pawned away by thieves, or even left to deteriorate on their own if they are not properly stored. 96% of stolen jewelry is never recovered. Do you keep your sentimental treasures in a cardboard box where theft, neglect, and accident will ruin them? If so, please, don’t wait another minute. Take that wonderful step forward and honor the memory of your loved ones and their exquisite keepsakes by protecting them in a safe that is built to withstand the most trying of times.  Don’t risk losing those artifacts, join “A” Locksmith in the movement to protect history. Put your valuables in a security vault and let it become a time machine for future generations. That’s what the museums, archives, libraries, and genealogists do that’s what I do and you can too! Stop by our Naples showroom to speak with a certified safe consultant to find a quality safe that can stand the test of time, a safe that you can trust with your family story.

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