Curbside Delivery vs In-Home Delivery for Safes

Man moving a safe

Safe delivery and installation in Naples, FL

When it comes to purchasing large and heavy security safes, one of the biggest concerns for buyers is how they will get it home. There are two main delivery options available: curbside delivery and in-home installation. We will explore the differences between these options, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Most sporting goods stores and big box stores do not offer any delivery options, so it becomes the customer’s responsibility to arrange transportation and installation for their safe. Although this is something we can help with, it is oftentimes cheaper and more convenient to purchase the safe and delivery from a trusted local locksmith.

Curbside Delivery – Offered by Online Stores

Curbside delivery is the most inconvenient delivery option for safes. The safe will be delivered at an unspecified date and time and left on your curb where you put out the trashcan and the whole neighborhood can see what you purchased. With this option, the safe is left on the curb at the end of your driveway. From the curb, it is the buyer’s responsibility to lift and transport the safe to its final location and install it. This option is typically the cheapest, but is the least secure and requires the significant effort from the buyer. You may have to navigate the safe over a slope, steps, or tight doorways. You’ll be risking damaging the safe, your home’s flooring or walls, or worst of all severely injuring yourself.


  • Least expensive delivery option.
  • Suitable for buyers who have the necessary equipment and manpower to safely move and install the safe.


  • Requires the buyer to transport and install the safe themselves, risking damage to themselves, the safe, or their home.
  • Very challenging for buyers who are not familiar with handling large and heavy objects.
  • May not be possible for buyers who do not have equipment for moving a safe.

In-home Delivery and Installation – Offered by “A” Locksmith

Our professional in-home delivery and installation is the most popular and comprehensive delivery option for all sizes of safes. With our service, the safe is delivered to your home, transported to its final location, and installed. “A” Locksmith’s highly skilled locksmith professionals and Certified Safe Specialists perform this work, not careless movers. All you need to do is open the front door and show us where you would like your safe to be. With floor-protection customized to the flooring of each home, stair-climbing safe dolly’s, and the right training for the job, the risk of damage to the home and to the safe is greatly reduced. Our Certified Safe Specialists take care bolting your safe to the foundation of your home so that the risk of the safe tipping or theft of the entire safe is eliminated. This option is more expensive than curbside delivery, but it provides the highest level of convenience, security, and peace of mind.


  • Safe is delivered, transported, and bolted down to the foundation by professionals.
  • Suitable for buyers who do not have the necessary equipment or manpower to install the safe themselves.
  • Provides the highest level of convenience and peace of mind.


  • Most expensive delivery option.
  • Requires scheduling an appointment for installation.


When purchasing a large and heavy security safe, it is important to consider your delivery options carefully. In most cases, curbside delivery seems like the least expensive option, but it requires the most risk and effort from the buyer. If you ordered a safe for curbside delivery from another store, we can help move your safe from a store or the curb and install it into your home, we do this all the time. Oftentimes however, it is less expensive to purchase the safe and in-home installation from “A” Locksmith. In-home installation is the most secure and convenient option, providing the highest level of peace of mind. Ultimately, the best delivery option will depend on your individual needs and capabilities. Whichever method you choose, we are happy to help! Looking for information on where to install you new safe? Check out this popular blog post.