Frequently Asked Questions

Do you program or make car keys? Yes! We can duplicate car keys for 95% of vehicles currently on the road, even many antique car models! Today's computerized and chipped car keys require specialized programming, tooling, and software that is only available at "A" Locksmith and select car dealerships. We offer car key duplication in our retail store that is much cheaper than local car dealerships, still some keys will require a trip to the dealership. To verify we can copy your exact car's keys, give us a call 239-597-8855. For more info about our car key duplication service, click here.

Can I buy a cheap safe at a home store or retail outlet and achieve my desired results? Sure, you can buy a cheap safe at a big-box store or online. Achieve your desired results? If your desire is to protect your valuables in the event of a burglary or fire, probably not. As we all know you get what you pay for. If what you are trying to protect is cheap and you don't care whether it is gone or not, why bother! Talk to our professionals, they will help you to buy the right safe, at the right price and install it to achieve the maximum convenience for you and maximum deterrent for thieves. Also, the most effective safes can be hundreds or thousands of pounds and are not easy to properly install. If you purchase a heavy safe online it will be delivered curbside in a box, not brought into your home or installed. Most of this time if you purchase a safe from a big-box store, you will have to get it home yourself and they certainly won't help you install it or train you how to use it. Stop by our showroom for a safe buying experience that is convenient and practical from beginning to end.

I just bought a new home, do I need to replace all my locks? No, we can affordably rekey your present locks and rekey all your locks to the same key for ease and convenience.

Why should I rekey my locks and how does it work?  If you purchased a home and haven't had the locks rekeyed yet, or let your housekeeper or ex go, it is a good time to rekey your locks. Rekeying your locks is an affordable, effective way to boost the security of your home. Your old key will no longer work to unlock your doors so people you may not want coming in your home won't be able to get in with the old key. You never know how many copies of your keys are out there so it is important to periodically rekey your locks. When you are ready, count how many locks you'd like rekeyed, give us a call and we will give you an estimate for a rekey. Once one of our highly trained locksmiths has arrived at your home they will remove the core of your lock, reset the pins to a different combination, make you a new custom key, put the lock back together and test the key's operation to ensure a perfect match. This process only takes about 10-15 minutes per lock and could save you hundreds of dollars versus buying new hardware.

I own multiple properties, do I really have to carry this huge heavy keychain around? Not at all! Trade in your heavy keychain for just a key or two. A properly designed master key system is an excellent and secure solution for landlords, business owners, or even managers of multiple properties. Each property's locks can be keyed to a unique key that will only work in that property's locks, but not in your other property's locks. You would assign these keys to your tenants or staff.  As the owner, we can make you a single key that opens all of your properties. If you use padlocks to lock up storage areas we even can key a padlock to open using the same master key. Call today to get an estimate for a convenient master key system.

How can I make sure that my sliding glass doors are not an invitation to thieves? Stop by our showroom for a demonstration of sliding door security solutions that are effective, convenient tasteful, and will greatly enhance your safety. We have tried and true solutions that are very effective and budget-friendly. Our working sliding door equipped with multiple solutions allows you to truly try before you buy.

Can I leave my windows open for the evening breezes?
Stop by our showroom and we'll be glad to show you some time honored ways to meet your desires as well as enhance your security.

If I want to upgrade my locks can you do so while making sure that my costs are kept in check, the quality is the best available, and there is minimum alteration and reparation required to my doors?
Because of the years of experience and depth of product that is available to us we can guarantee that you will get the best product that can be incorporated into your present situation quickly and conveniently for a fair price.

Is it a good idea to buy new locks from a hardware store? Lock manufacturers set traditional locks found at big-box stores to just a few key combinations. You can check the key codes on the back of each handle set at the hardware store to find several matching ones for your entire home. It sounds convenient, but just think about how many other people have the same handleset with the same key code whose key works in your lock! Locksmiths and criminals know that many thousands of homes can open with the same key making a criminal's job that much easier. Although you might be well-intentioned, installing locks from a big-box store yourself probably won't provide the level of protection you were hoping to get by switching them out in the first place. If you do install the locks yourself, be sure to call out a professional locksmith to rekey those locks to a new, more secure key. While we are there, we'd be happy double-check your handiwork for proper fit, operation, and installation and make any adjustments necessary to ensure you are getting the most out of your lock.

I'm busy and don't have time to wait around all day on a locksmith, what can you do for me? We deeply respect our customers most precious asset, time. That is why we offer all our customers one or two hour appointment windows. If you like, we can even call you when we are on your way so you don't have to wait, just let dispatch know. Our field service technicians are in constant communication with our dispatch team. If in the unlikely event we are running behind schedule we will call you in advance of your appointment to let you know.

I need your services, but work a 9-5 job I just can't take off from, can you help? Absolutely, if you don't have time during the week or during the workday, we are available for morning, evening, night, weekend, and even on holiday service calls for a small additional charge. We can also schedule your technician to arrive first thing in the morning so you can get to work on-time. We provide routine as well as emergency locksmith services at any time of day or night, and any day of the year. You will get the same qualified technicians and professional service that we send out during the work-week.

Will you do a free security survey while at my home or business?
Of course, we’ll be happy to!