Collier County Sheriff’s Office partners with “A” Locksmith for safety video

“A” Locksmith helped the Collier County Sheriff’s Office put this video about gun safes together! Please keep your guns secure in a reliable safe. Stop by our showrooms featured in the video for expert advice and a great selection of gun safes.

Collier County Sheriff’s Office is focusing on children’s safety this school year. This means teaching your children about having good awareness when crossing the street, using car seats and wearing their helmet when riding their bike. It also means warning your kids about stranger danger, what to do if they see a gun, and saying no to drugs.

Collier County has a special focus this year in light of recent school shootings, however. Rather than teaching kids, this time it’s about teaching adults. They want parents to start taking responsibility for locking up their guns. They want you to know that there are gun safes and vaults for every budget, and every size of gun collection. To this end they have begun filming a safety video explaining how easy and affordable it is to store your firearms.

When Collier County wanted a show room with multiple examples of different safes, and a professional certified safe specialist to show them how to operate the safes and to explain the different features and accessories, they turned to yours truly at “A” Locksmith.

“A” Locksmith’s new south location is featured in the safety video which we allowed the Sheriff to film at our location free of charge, and provided free consultation to help make sure they provide the best information to our community possible. This is just one of many ways we help improve the lives of Collier County citizens and as always serving our community in any way we can by providing freedom through security.

For gun safes and expert advice you can rely on, shop our showrooms.

What is a Good Safe?

Safes are a great investment to protect your valuables from any number of issues, but it can be very difficult to determine the good from the bad. With so many varying price points and options it can be extremely difficult to tell what is the best safe for you. That being said, below is a guide to some of the features and options that might help you figure out how to put your money to the best use with some examples as well. 

Firstly you want to determine the size of your safe. You do this by taking what you currently have to put in the safe, and add about 20% for additional items you'll collect over the years. 

Next you want to determine where you are putting the safe. Measure out the maximum amount of space you want to use, whether it be hidden in a closet, displayed in a living room, or kept out in the garage, know how much space you have to work with.

After that you'll want to determine if there is anything special you want about your safe. Do you want top of the line security with thick plat steel, concrete interior, and heavy duty bolts or locking bars. Do you want a fashionable safe with a gorgeous exterior that matches your decor? Maybe you want a gun safe that is built with tactical precision and practical reliability.

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