Biggest Gun Safe Buying Mistakes

Gun Safe Broken Into

Gun Safes Not As Secure As Advertised

Safes are being aggressively marketed as burglar-proof, child-proof, water-proof, EMP-proof, and fire-proof, but all of those are false, misleading, and unregulated marketing claims. While some cheap, imported safe manufacturers do cut corners, you don’t have to fall for it, there are excellent safe manufacturers who stand behind their products. Some even offer lifetime warranties! News of defective products, recalls, dangerous installations, cheap materials, and marketing gimmicks have savvy gun safe buyers like you on the hunt for a quality safe they can trust in the event of a disaster or attempted break-in. You can learn about the regrets gun safe buyers often face and how to make sure you purchase the best safe for your space, security needs, and budget.  Read More »

Where Should I Install My Safe?

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Choosing the Optimal Location for Your Home Safe: Balancing Security and Convenience

Deciding where to install your home safe can make or break the performance of  your safe. It involves striking a delicate balance between convenience, security, and asset protection. On one hand, you want quick access to your jewelry, documents, and home defense weapons. On the other hand, safeguarding your valuables from threats—such as burglary, fire, and flood—is paramount. Read More »

Your Sliding Glass Door Lock is Totally Useless

White Double Bolt Lock Securing Sliding Glass DoorUnlocking the Truth About Sliding Glass Door Security

As a seasoned professional in the Florida security industry, I feel compelled to reveal a well-kept secret: the locking mechanisms on most sliding glass doors are shockingly inadequate. These factory-installed locks, found on 99% of sliding doors in Collier County, offer minimal protection from unskilled burglary attacks. Frankly, they’re hardly worthy of being called “locks.” Read More »

Are Safes Burglary-Proof? Fireproof? Waterproof? EMP-Proof?

Are Safes Burglary-Proof?

There is no such thing as a burglary-proof safe. With enough time, tools, and determination, a highly skilled burglar can get into just about any safe. However, safes can be hardened and fortified to give your items the best chance of staying secure. A good safe can make it impossible for a basic burglar to get in, and very difficult for even the most skilled professional safecrackers to get into your safe. Read More »