7 Things That Won’t Happen When You Switch to Mul-T-Lock

Locksmith Products - High Security KeysTraditional lock hardware can be picked in mere seconds with a few simple tools found on the internet. YouTube videos teach criminals how to gain access into homes and businesses through traditional locks with ease. High security Mul-T-Lock cylinders can greatly increase the effectiveness of your existing door hardware, offering the best resistance to bumping, picking, and forced entry techniques. “A” Locksmith can simply switch out your traditional lock’s cylinder with a Mul-T-Lock cylinder. This is a cost effective solution that is a critical first line of defense against burglars and home invaders. Here’s what you won’t have to worry about if you make the switch.

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Jewelry Safe Buying Guide


Protecting your fine and precious jewelry with the right safe can mean the difference between loosing your valuables in a burglary or fire or finding them unharmed in your safe. To learn more about jewelry safes or to order a semi-custom safe, stop by our full service safe showroom and speak to one of our safe experts. We sell, deliver, install, and repair all types of safes.

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Germ-Killing Door Hardware

"A" Locksmith Products - Door Hardware

Door handles are notorious for carrying billions of harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses, but did you know your choice of hardware could make a have a big impact on your health? Shockingly the popularity of polished chrome, brushed nickel, and stainless steel handles continuously expose those we love to a lot of unnecessary germs. Alternatively, traditional door hardware choices including brass and bronze actually have antimicrobial properties that can kill up to 99.9% germs both naturally and fast!

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5 Most Outrageous Locksmith Scams

Locksmith Con Artist Performs Poor Work Overcharges 300%+

These scams are alive and well in Naples, Florida.

Shocking locksmith scams are alive and well in Naples. With absolutely no regulation on who can become a locksmith in Collier County, literally anyone can legally do the job. This means you might at the very least hire someone who does shoddy work, or at the worst you may be inviting a violent felon, a thief, or sex offender into your home. There are known criminals who own and work a locksmith companies in Collier County. Learn what to do if you are caught in a scam and how to avoid one in the first place.

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Burglarized? Reclaim Control

Lock-Picking BurglarA burglary can be very stressful, if not frightening for your family. Fortunately, the average Naples resident is most vulnerable to a break-in while they are away from home and most burglaries happen while the homeowners are at work or on vacation. With gas stations, mom-and-pop shops, and restaurants beefing up security, once easy targets for criminals are now higher-risk for a burglar so they move onto easier targets. This leaves average homeowner’s with poor physical security more vulnerable to burglaries. Get your power back, reclaim control of your security, and protect your family’s home with these simple burglary prevention tips.

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Control Your Business’s Security

a-locksmith-showroom-5To reduce liability concerns, prevent the loss of data, equipment, work product, and to promote the safety and security of your employees and customers, you need to have control over your business’s physical security. So many commercial property owners wait until a crime occurs to start thinking about security. Let’s start from a position of power and stop crime before it starts and before your and your employee’s livelihood is put in jeopardy. Want a customized security plan for your business? Call now.

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