Keep Your Naples Rental Property Safe

Keep Control of Those Keys!

Even the most secure locks can’t keep someone out who has a copy of your rental property’s key. Before you start handing out standard keys and hoping renters don’t just go make copies, make sure to have the proper high-security locks in place that prevent unauthorized key duplication in the first place. Even if you have keys stamped “Do Not Duplicate” I can assure you that many places in Naples will duplicate those keys without batting an eye. For true key control, consider Mul-T-Lock high security coded keys. These patented keys can only be duplicated by authorized locksmith shops and only with proper identification and the key code card that remains in your possession. You and your guests will know that prior guests, renters, housekeepers, or contractors absolutely can’t make a copy of that key. If a key does go missing, it is pretty simple to rekey high security locks and issue a new key to your property.


Secure the Door.

There are so many options these days for locks. Just make sure that your rental property has ANSI Grade 1 locks with a deadbolt to provide maximum protection for your guests. An additional security latch on the inside can provide further peace of mind. Ensure the locks are in good repair and work properly and with ease. If you have a frequent turnover in guests, you may consider an electronic keypad lock. You can easily reset the combination in between guests or even unlock the door via your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Don’t forget to inspect the front door and other entry doors to make sure it is made of metal or solid wood.


Lock Up the Sliders and Windows.

Sliding glass doors are a favorite access point for burglars and home invaders in southwest Florida. There are several options that can greatly enhance the security of any sliding glass doors in your rental. We typically recommend a double-bolt lock, which is easy to use, attractive, and affordable while providing an excellent defense against burglary attacks. After each renter leaves, take care to inspect each window to ensure it is locked and secured. Window locks, even on 2nd story windows are an important component to a secure rental property.


Maintain Proper Lighting & Landscaping.

Burglars most often do their work during the day, with most burglaries occurring between 10 and 3, but they also enjoy the cover of darkness. Make sure to install motion detector lights or even dawn-to-dusk lighting at your rental property so guests can easily see pathways at night. This could deter burglars and nighttime home invasions as well as reduce the risk of a trip and fall accident. Be sure to walk around the property and eliminate any good hiding place opportunities such as behind tall shrubs or any other out of place objects.


Advertise Security the Smart Way.

If you have taken steps to secure your rental property, you are welcome to advertise that the rental is well-secured, but never post specifics about the security measures you have taken. Keep details about the door lock manufacturer, specific models of alarm systems, types of locks, or other security hardware quiet. Savvy burglars who see this type of information might just be able to get the right training and tools to break in, just from reading your advertisement. Do include stickers on doors or a sign in your yard indicating you have an alarm or that the premises is monitored by cameras (whether you have an alarm or CCTV system or not, the signs alone can deter burglaries in some cases).


Provide a Safe.

A simple hotel safe can provide quite a bit of peace of mind for your guests. These safes are affordable and the combination can be set each time the safe is opened or with a guest’s credit card. Just be sure to bolt the safe down so someone is not able to walk out with the entire safe. We carry many safes in our showroom including hotel safes that are easy to operate.


If you would like to upgrade the physical security of your rental with better locks, a safe, or would just like us to come out and do a security survey of your property, give us a call. 239-597-8855.