The Best Sliding Glass Door Lock

Sliding Glass Door Lock Locksmith NaplesA rash of home invasions in gated Collier and Lee communities have been traced back to improperly secured, yet locked, sliding glass doors. If you have sliding glass doors, you may be surprised to learn how easy it is for a criminal to pop a locked sliding glass door off the track and gain entry to your home. Sliding glass doors are a favorite access point for Naples home invaders as they can be breached quickly, stealthily, and almost silently. Videos online teach burglars how to best defeat the locks on a sliding glass door putting homeowners at grave risk. After decades of being in the security business, insight from crime analysts, and police officers, “A” Locksmith has found the best solution for sliding glass door security: the highly effective, attractive, and affordable double bolt lock. Call “A” Locksmith today for a free phone quote to secure your sliding glass doors.

How Does it Work? A double bolt lock offers superior protection by securing the door the frame at two points. This makes any movement of the door virtually impossible, preventing a burglar from lifting the door off its track to gain entry. A double bolt lock also offers flexibility and convenience. It can be installed above your standard lock to be out of children’s reach, or below your standard door lock to be in your child’s reach. The lock can also be equipped with a keyed lock from the inside for additional childproofing. Our double bolt lock is attractive and is available in white, black or aluminum to match your décor. We can also attach an optional handle for the easiest operation of your sliding glass door.

What Else Can I Do? No lock can prevent a criminal from throwing a brick through your sliding glass door. Although this is fairly rare since it is noisy and dangerous to the burglar, there are ways to protect the actual glass as well. After securing your locks, we recommend you call a local window security film installer for added deterrence and protection.

“A” Locksmith has secured thousands of sliders in southwest Florida and is committed to making criminals’ jobs difficult, time consuming, and unprofitable, but we can’t secure your home if you don’t call. If you’d like to sleep safer tonight, count your sliders, and call us for a free quote. We carry a variety of sliding door security solutions in our showroom across from Mercato. Feel free to stop by for a demonstration of the double bolt lock or other options today.